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Double glazing is a glazing process by that a window is made of with the two panes of glass with space in between. The space between two glasses is from 0.63 and 0.75 inches (16 and 19 mm). Air is trapped between the two glass and forms of insulation. This double glazing ensures that there is no moisture is present inside the glass. This type of windows is airtight. If moisture or steam appears between the two glasses panes it indicates that there is a leak somewhere in the window. As this type of windows cannot be repaired if moisture or steam appears in the glass that unit has to be replaced urgently.


Details about the Double Glazing


Standard and single pane window provide 60% heat loss in the home. Double glazing stops the heat loss and homeowner saves the heating bills. The heating cost goes down approx 10 to 12% when you install this type of windows. Double glazing is also very environmentally friendly. Around 28% of carbon dioxide emissions are from home and if you replace your single pane windows it will reduce the emissions more. It will save the heating bills as well. The double glazed windows help to cut down noise pollution.

Another reason to install this type of window is it would provide you security.You can find frames in a wide range of various color options. To get the double glazing quotes you can contact your distributor or you can get from online as well. The double glazed window provides extra security than others as they are very hard to break and the locking system is very strong. This would enhance the appearance of a property. There are many types of styles from where you can choose glass frames; it includes UPVC, Aluminum, and hardwood. The insulation system is far better in UPVC than aluminum.

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