Costing Of Upvc Door And Windows

If you compare UPVC with other alternatives, you yourself would come to know that it is the most cost-effective window. Not only to purchase but also in the term of long-term maintenance. You can save the energy and save your electricity bill up to 30% to 40%.  In recent days if you are planning to replace your window with a new one do not get much confused to design your home. In market huge numbers of materials are available, choose the right one wisely. Many people get confused what to choose aluminum, or wooden or UPVC? Full form of UPVC is Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. Installing UPVC is the best decision that one can have. If you are not willing to visit in the market for purchase, you can get it from UPVC windows online as well.


UPVC Price Range


A basic range of UPVC window prices will Rs. 500 per sq ft. and it can go up to Rs. 2000 per sq ft. Now it is totally your decision which range will fit in your pocket.


Price Range

UPVC profile (the major component that cost 20%-30% price

Rs 100 per sqft to Rs 250 per sqft

Replacement for a window to UPVC

Rs. 30 per sq.ft to 50 per sq.ft

The glass is another major component

Rs 50 per sq.ft to Rs 300 per sq.ft

Other accessories


Fly screen

Rs. 300 per sq.ft to Rs. 500 per sq.ft

Sealant & PU Foam



Nowadays in both commercial and residential area, UPVC doors and windows are widely used.   In many schools, bungalow, business buildings UPVC windows are used. The main reason is cost efficiency. There are many UPVC manufacturers are in every metro cities who will offer you various products like door and window at a very affordable price. All you need to choose wisely


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