Doors That Are Knocked Reflects Our Taste


It is always the door that draws attention as and when your guests knock on them.  Doors have become an integral part of house design apart from providing security against the burglars and encroachers. They also act as an insulator between the outside world and the interior of your house or room.  The markets are flooded with a vast alternative variety of doors in various colors and designs and if fitted provides an aesthetic view.

Double Glazed Doors are in high demand these days, and they not only enhance the beauty of the house but provide many more added features. The primary purpose of these types of doors is to work as a protective shield between the external and the internal temperature. The doors are double glazed and can be made of wood, aluminum or uPVC. They act as a weather barrier they cut down the energy bills required for the air conditioning and heating solutions of the house.



The Cost

Double glazing cost varies on various aspects but not that costly as one thinks and the benefits one gets installing them.

  • The cost mainly depends on the material that is used to make this type of the door and the security system that is attached to them. The hinges and the locks apart from the material used are one of the significant costs of these types of doors.
  • If the entries are made of in combination of glass, the quality of the class also adds up to the cost. Toughened glass would attract a little more price than the ordinary glass.
  • The energy rating of these doors is also one of the factors that determine the cost.


Using these types of doors, one can get more protection from the extreme weathers with enhanced security enhancing the beauty of the house.  

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