Double Glazed Windows – The New Trend In The Market


The present trend of windows is to have a double glazed or rather double paned window at the house. This is a form of glasses in widows arranged to create insulation. In this kind of windows two glasses are arranged two separate window panes and a gas or vacuum separates these two panes from one another. This middle space works as a medium of insulation that resists heat transfer inside your room. So in a short double glazed window is a way out to keep the heat out of your house and keep it cool from inside.



The Benefits of having a double glazed window at the house:


Double glazing at the house can be beneficial in various ways-


  1. Since the two panes of window along with the middle layer of vacuum works as an insulator, the residents of the house can get benefitted in various ways from the same. During summer the layer ensures that the heat outside doesn’t penetrate your house and your rooms stay cooler. Similarly, in winters the heat inside your house is retained to keep the rooms.
  2. This is not only insulator, but also highly energy efficient in nature. They retain energy among layers as they retain the heat from either side of the window.


What are UPVC Windows


UPVC Windows are windows made up of polymers of polyvinyl chloride materials, stabilized with various additives. These widows are gaining popularity in households and offices because of their UV protecting nature. These windows are meant to reflect back the UV rays of the sun and thus keep the room less heated due to the reflection. People prefer using these materials in windows as they turn out to be highly cost efficient as they don’t require regular maintenance, painting or any other regular aid. This is highly long lasting as well.



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